How to Write a Refreshingly Unique, Interesting Article

Chances are, when you sit down to write an article, you don't know everything about your subject. I'm going to explain my writing process so you can better understand how to make every article you write fresh, unique and interesting. This is especially important if you are using private label rights (PLR) articles. I will show you how to make them your own through research, quotes, and using what you already know.

The Pain of Article Duplication

Besides suffering the obvious consequences of outright plagiarism such as being banned from certain article directories, your search engine results will suffer as well. The first time an article is posted to the web, the site it is posted on gains the most "authority" in the eyes of the search engines.

Depending on the search engine, your duplicate article may not even show up in the results. Some search engines will ban your entire site if it contains too much duplicate content.

Starting Your Article with What You Know

You should always start with what you know and write it out in your own words. Then do some research to fill in the blanks. To avoid plagiarism, remind yourself that ideas are for everyone to use, but exact words are the property of the writer. Be sure to quote your sources and cite the reference works as necessary, but in articles for syndication, I suggest that you always take the time to rewrite everything into your own words, as often article directories don't allow links in the body of articles.

In your first paragraph, state the problem that your article is addressing, the solution or solutions that you propose, and results that the reader will achieve by following your suggestions. You should describe clearly and briefly what has been done before on the problem, and if you have anything new to add.

Your Article Outline will Emerge from your Opening Paragraph

This first paragraph can serve as a basic outline for your whole article. I'll just spell this out for you.

I. Introduction - state problem and brief summary of solutions you will share
II. Background - who, what, where, when and why of the problem
III. Problem - restate in more detail
   A. Solution
   B. Solution
   C. Solution
IV. Summary

Article Changes and Research

Perhaps you need to do some research to fill in background information, and maybe you already know of two solutions and want to add one or two more. With PLR articles, you need to change about 1/3 of the content in order to avoid duplicate content or plagiarism penalties.

You should do this by changing the article title, changing single sentences and whole paragraphs by rewriting in your own words, and by adding additional original paragraphs. The easiest way to do some of these changes is by adding quoted paragraphs or combining two articles into one, but you should carefully mix up the entire article with all of the above changes.

By using the simple outline I provided, and carefully adding research results to what you already know, you should be able to write fresh, original, interesting articles every time. Don't give up if each article isn't absolutely fabulous; just keep practicing, keep writing, and you'll get better and better.

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