Good Website Content is Link Bait

I've heard the term "link bait" for a while, and have been trying to find out exactly what it is. I thought it was some special tactic for getting backlinks. Turns out it is just adding such high quality content to your web site that other webmasters feel compelled to link to your information.

This is worth spending a few moments thinking about. I for one, and maybe you too, have been guilty of wearing blinders, it seems. I had only looked at website content from the end reader's perspective, the person who is looking for your information to answer a question. Let's backtrack a bit and explain.

Common knowledge is that when you start up a website, you want to write and post at least 10 pages immediately so it looks somewhat substantial when your first visitors arrive. Since I primarily promote my websites using article marketing, I do things a bit differently, because article marketing works slowly and virally.

I write my website's homepage and a lead capture page. Then I write an article for syndication that links to the homepage. I submit this article to website directories. That sets the wheels in motion for my first goal, getting my site found by the search engines. Those are my first backlinks.

Then I add this website to my weekly rotation of writing two articles per week per website. Now the search engine robots, when they arrive, find fresh content twice a week. This keeps them coming back. My website gradually becomes authoritative, especially since I try to link between my articles. This demonstrates continuity, relativity, and cohesion.

Lest you think I'm "living for Google", let me explain one thing: I do not do anything that doesn't also make my site more attractive, interesting, informative and authoritative to humans as well. I don't stuff my website content with 5% keywords because Google likes that, for example. To me, and probably to any normal reader, this reads like keyword spamming.

Anyways, this is my basic strategy, along with occasionally writing another article for syndication, for every website I develop. So far so good. Unique, fresh content for search engines and for inquisitive surfers. But I've somehow forgotten about other people just like me - webmasters researching information for writing their own website content.

They are out there - dozens, hundreds of them - and I am used to thinking of them as my competition. We are, after all, struggling for those same Top 10 places in Google search results. And that is being kind; actually, if we have any ambition at all, we're all competing for that #1 position.

Just a quick twist of my thinking and these webmasters are now potentially my partners, if I can write website content that is irresistible to them. I know this happens; I sometimes find an article that is so rich that, rather than reinvent the wheel, I decide to summarize and then give my readers a link to visit for the whole story.

It really isn't that hard to do. The main thing is to just settle into your rhythm and write, write, and write some more. Make each page of website content absolutely the best writing you can do in the moment. Not every page will be Shakespeare, by a long shot.

But gradually writing excellent website content will become a part of you. As you sit down every day to tackle the day's writing, the words will flow, your website will grow, and suddenly you will have a watershed moment - the backlinks will start flowing too.

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