10 Crucial Tips that Keep Your Sales Letters Out of the Trash

The Email Sales Letter Subject Line

1. If your sales letter is an email, your email subject line is the single most important part. If it's compelling, your reader can't wait to open your email. If it sucks, the delete button is faster than a speeding bullet.

Make your subject line short and to the point. Make a promise. Address a problem. Ask a question. Or, name the single most important and unique benefit of your product/service/opportunity - is it a low price, how it saves time, or how it makes the user happy or achieve other goals?

The Salesletter Headline

2. If the salesletter is a webpage, the next most compelling part must be the headline. Ask a how or why question, offer one of the most important benefits, or pose a challenge. Say something big and impressive but not over the top.

Keeping the Sales Letter Focused and Personal

3. Keep your entire letter tightly focused. Your reader must think the letter was written for him. Use the words I, you, and us, and remember to move your reader slowly but relentlessly towards your desired outcome.

Use your keyword phrases in your subject line, headline, subtitles, and closing paragraph, as well as sprinkled carefully and naturally throughout your salesletter. This is not spamming, it keeps all your content relevant and to the point. Your reader will never scratch his head, thinking, "and why am I reading this?"

The Sales Letter Opening Paragraph

4. Make your opening paragraph compelling as well. Hey, I think I see a theme here! Keep that first paragraph short but make it so your reader just has to keep reading right now. Challenge your reader - "if you think you can live without my product, think again!"

Keeping the Salesletter Personal with a Story

5. Make your letter personal- tell a story that will make your reader think "been there, done that, wore out the t-shirt - wow, this guy knows exactly what I've been through".

Keeping the Sales Letter Short and Readable

6. Keep your style brief, with bulleted points followed by short paragraphs. Remember this discouraging truth: people don't like to read on the computer. But don't be discouraged, be honest, real, and dynamic. They won't be able to stop reading!

Using Sub Headlines

7. Use subheadlines. They help you, your readers, and the search engines stay on track. Since many readers just scan sales letters, your subheadlines should tell the whole story of your letter, in brief.

Make Your Offer Clearly and Often

8. Now, with all these details, don't forget the most important part - make an offer your readers can't refuse, and make it often. Make it near the beginning of the letter for those who want to buy and move on. Make it later on, and then at the end, make it again and also add something valuable for free. Stay on target - never forget what you want your letter to do, whether it be getting orders, generating leads, informing and educating, prompting direct contact from your prospects, etc.

The P.S. - as Important as Your Headline

9. The P.S. is the third most important part of your sales letter. This is where you sum it all up for your reader in one or two short sentences. "Don't waste any more time - buy my product for only $X.XX, get your free ______, and start making more money in less time starting right now."

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

10. Follow up with 7 more mailings- yes, it really takes that long for most people to respond, no matter how compelling your salesletter is.

There's no reason why your next sales letter will be thrown away instead of read from beginning to end, now that you have these 10 simple tips under your belt. And here's an added bonus secret: once you've written one killer salesletter, you can just make a few changes and it's good to use for any product/service/opportunity. Go get 'em, writer!

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