First Step to Writing Ads that Build Trust, Form Bonds, And Make Money

Your prospect buys with his heart and rationalizes his purchase with his brain. Write that down and reread it every day. Tattoo it on your hand.

You want your prospect to be begging you, "How do I buy this? I gotta have one of these!"

Your prospect is swamped with garbage in his inbox every day. It's all over the web as well. Your salespage, your email, your articles, have to be overflowing with your personality.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. You have to make sure there are fish in that pond before you invest in fishing equipment. Once you've determined there are fish and they are indeed hungry, then you research the tackle, bait and techniques you need to give those fish exactly what they want, so they are literally jumping over each other to be the first in your boat.

Research, keywords, and personality

You need to know that you have exactly what your prospects want and that you have the personality that excites them when they read your email or webpage. Thereís either a mob of people with their wallets already out in the new market youíre considering, or there arenít. Find out who they are and what and why they're buying.

Let's get specific. Your prospect has chronic insomnia and hasn't been able to sleep in weeks. Which ad will push his buttons, poke his pain, and make him bond with you (hey, this guy knows EXACTLY what I'm going through!):


Sleeper ads and attention-grabbing ads

If your ad for sleeping pills puts your prospective customer to sleep, he won't need your product!

    Buy Sleeping Pills
    Sleeping pills to cure your insomnia
    Our sleeping pills really work, guaranteed!


    Hey You! Night owl! Can't Sleep?
    Haven't been able to sleep for weeks?
    Start sleeping like a baby tonight!

You could write another ad, for the same product, for another prospect. This one is afraid he's going to get fired because his sleeplessness is making him late for work and then he under-performs once he gets there.

    Buy Sleeping Pills
    Sleeping pills to cure your insomnia
    Our sleeping pills really work, guaranteed!


    Late for Work Again? YOU'RE FIRED!
    All because you haven't slept well in weeks.
    Fix that before it happens; sleep like a baby tonight.
    Tomorrow, rock the office.

No bull, just You in your ads

You aren't lying, you aren't hyping your product, you're telling it exactly like it is and like your prospect would like it to be. He's cranky, fuzzy brained, slow, tired of feeling tired, worried, and more, and you know it. Plus you have exactly what he needs to fix it, once and for all.

That's it. Know your market inside and out, and be yourself, and you can write an ad that creates an avalanche of sales.