Copywriting Services Get Results

My clients often say to me, "Here's my website, can you write for me?" I can't write until I know what you want to do with your website business. I need to ask you to spend some time answering a few questions first:

General Copy Writing Questions/Agreements

  • What is the required length?
  • Where it will be published?
  • What does it need to cover? (what's the slant?) 10 Tips...How To...What's New...
  • What is the desired result from reading each particular article, web page, or press release?
  • What's the deadline? I need about 2 weeks per article, because of my existing workload.
  • How much will I be paid, how do you want to be invoiced, and who should I invoice? I can submit a sample assignment, at half price.
  • Do I get credit for the written product, or is it ghostwriting you need? This affects the price of my services. If I write as a ghostwriter, my name is in no way associated with the finished product, the product is sold to you and you reserve all rights to it. I cannot use you as a reference or my writing as samples for future writing clients; my only hope is possibly some word of mouth advertising. Therefore I charge more for my ghostwriting services.
  • I need a written (or email) record; a summary of what we've agreed on, written by either of us, agreed upon by both of us.

Content Questions

  • Who is your target market? (Customer demographics, as appropriate/available: age, sex, location, occupation/status, interests, needs, "pain", where they go to look for products and information such as yours, where they hang out on the internet, etc.)
  • What do you offer? How are you unique?
  • What are the features and benefits of your product(s)? Features are characteristics that physically describe your product or service; benefits are what your buyer gains from a specific feature.

    Benefits and features are connected by the "so that" clause. You often see bullets like these: "Batteries included so you can use the product right out of the box."

My copywriting will:

  • Tailor benefits and features to your market
  • Develop and express your own Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

My writing will not:

  • Be a plagiarism in whole or in part of any other writing on the internet. It is common practice amongst unscrupulous, unprofessional ghostwriters to simply copy articles from somewhere else online. If I copy anything, it is with permission, and I put it in quotes and footnote it, but I rarely do this.

My Copy Writing Fees:

  • are project-based, not by the hour;
  • are normally $.06/word, which is $24/400 word page;
  • the first (trial) page is free, so we can test our working relationship and see if my writing is what you want;
  • are negotiable before writing commences, and trades and tipping are also accepted.
  • will be finalized in a written email agreement.
  • In other words, I'm very flexible, and I and my customers both reserve the right to end the agreement at any time, after a closing payment is made.